Senior Software Engineer

Job description

Engineering at Qwilr means:

  • Building systems and features of the Qwilr product using MEAN stack (MongoDB, Angular, React, Javascript, Nodejs)
  • Code reviews - we love code review because it sharpens our reasoning and grows our shared knowledge.
  • Being product driven. You'll work very closely with our design team, and make product decisions that consider a wide context of concerns around our users and the business. This can be challenging because it means coding doesn’t happen in isolation, but its an incredibly valuable mindset and skill set for engineers to have.

Right now, we’re looking for senior engineers who want to build products and be a key person who can help the team problem-solve technical challenges we may face as we grow.  The work is about hands-on coding, and enabling great tech decisions to be made as the team works to create compelling best-in-class features for our product.

View full details in a beautiful Qwilr page here.

This role is based in Sydney, Australia.


The day to day nature of engineering at Qwilr includes:

  • Bringing your technical expertise to the table as you enable teams to work through challenging technical problems
  • Building the features of the Qwilr apps, as well as the systems and infrastructure that powers them.
  • Participate in and provide feedback on code reviews for other Qwilr engineers. We love code review because it sharpens our reasoning and grows our shared knowledge.
  • Ponder, discuss and enumerate different approaches to problems. We are big believers in solving problems early, in discussion, on whiteboards or design documents, before hitting code.
  • Participate in “Momentum Management” - this is an in-house process modelled on GTD. But don't be frightened by the word "process": our processes are about productivity and pragmatism, not about… process :)