Lead Product Designer

Job description

As a Lead Product Designer you will:

Create An Experience

  • Be a champion of user experience and ensure we ship innovative, delightful, and extremely useful things (AKA balancing Undeniable Bestness against Velocity With Valour), both through hands-on design work, but also by guiding and mentoring.
  • Work with other designers to ensure we maintain a pipeline of "Shaped" (aka designed) projects, ready for build and deliver to our users.
  • Build Creative Culture

  • Be a shaping hand in the creative culture of the product teams and the company as a whole.
  • Be a guardian of the Qwilr Brand.
  • Together with the founders and the Head Of People, support our Employer Brand.
  • Be a player/coach to help other designers run workshops and facilitations, bringing their teams and stakeholders along for inspiring creative journeys.

  • Requirements

    Who we are looking for

    Someone who genuinely loves the craft and practice of design - and because of that they are an:

  • Articulate & Incisive Critic: someone who can level up fellow designers through clear critique, ranging from the intuitiveness of a small interaction detail, to the cohesiveness of a whole feature set or product area.
  • Doer: someone who comes from a strong and hands-on product design background, who still loves creating and designing, but will still give away their legos, in order to make a better thing.
  • Cross-functional Player: someone who enjoys how design, technology, business, and strategy all co-mingle to make a great product and can calibrate design decisions in light of these cross-functional inputs.
  • Culture-Builder: someone who cares about an open creative culture of a company; and (genuinely!) believes great ideas can come from anywhere.
  • Story Teller: a compelling storyteller for design, both inside of Qwilr and in public.