Product Designer

Job description

We're hiring a Product Designer to help liberate the power of the web and make businesses across the globe smarter, faster and sexier. You'll play a central role in inventing and shaping the experience of our product, working as a true equal with engineering and product.

For a better design experience, please see the following Qwilr page:

Why should I apply?

Because Design is part of the Company DNA...

Design is central to Qwilr, both as a product and a company. Our big vision is to “liberate the power of the web” - specifically to liberate it from complexity. Packaging up all the amazing things the web can do, in a way that ANYONE can do it, is a monumental design challenge. That’s why design has always been in the DNA of the business, right from the top, with our CEO and founder coming from a design & engineering background himself (

Because You Can Do Something That's Never Been Done Before...

Qwilr’s idea, that documents should look and function more like webpages/web-apps than traditional file-like documents, is genuinely new; there are no playbooks for how this is supposed to work - that means we grapple with hard and fundamental design questions.

Because We're In The Design Goldilocks Zone...

At ~65 people, we’re small enough that you can still have a huge impact on the product experience and the creative culture, but we’re big enough that we’ve got the resources to execute on big ideas and the company is financially strong (we’ve got years of runway, backed by one of Australia's top VC funds and we make millions of dollars in recurring revenue, with years of data to prove its durability).

As a Product Designer you will:

  • Create useful and intuitive experiences that fulfil the commercial and ethical ideal of Undeniable Bestness (aka: that we win in the end, because we offer far and away the best experience) through pragmatic and iterative steps.
  • Confront challenging, head-scratcher problems and turn them into elegant solutions.
  • Represent design as an equal partner in our Product Team's decision making.
  • Run workshops to bring team members and stakeholders along for the creative journey

Things we believe about Product Design...

That Design is an equal partner

At Qwilr we are firm believers that it's only through a continuous dialogue and balance between design, engineering and product management that you can create world class products (or "Undeniable Bestness" as we call it in our Principles).

We're living this belief by baking it into our way of working (see: WayFinder).

That Lego is Our Lofty Goal

We think Lego is the ultimate product experience.

It's inviting and intuitive, and from simple foundations you can create amazing and powerful things. This is the end-goal for what we're trying to create at Qwilr. An easy ambition to state and an extremely challenging one to achieve.

We're not there yet - but this is the journey we're on.


Who we are looking for

Someone who genuinely loves the craft and practice of design - and because of that they are

  • Builders Of Intuitive Products: first and foremost we want our product designers to drive towards making things intuitive to use and understand.
  • A Doer: loves Getting Things Made, and the collaborative dance between engineering, product and design to get (great) things shipped.
  • An Articulator: can justify design decisions and talk about these decisions in a broad context.
  • A Facilitator: knows how to facilitate creative situations, and how to bring others along on a creative journey - in service of great outcomes and the overall creative culture of the team and company

  • To read more about our team, perks and benefits, read the full job description here