Senior Software Engineer

Job description

Ahead of some big initiatives in 2022, we're expanding our Engineering teams with talented and dedicated Mid, Senior and Staff/Lead Engineers, across full-stack, back-end and front-end disciplines. This is a great opportunity for someone like-minded to join us – if this could be you, ​read on!

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Why join Qwilr?

  • We're a B2B SaaS company with thousands of customers across the world that love our product (a 40+ NPS)
  • As a Series A start-up (with ongoing, active investment interest) of ~50 people, you'll be able to join a non-bureaucratic, close-knit company, with lots of opportunity for growth and impact
  • Our growth is accelerating, across our customers, technology and organisation, so we need your help!
  • Our technology stack is cloud-native - no legacy systems to deal with and we own all our IP
  • We care a great deal about our culture. We will always be a diverse and respectful workplace, caring with open and honest communication, that begins with the Founders on down
  • We really do work as one big team, seeking to be successful together. You can find out more about Our Principles and Ways of Working below.
  • What we're working on

  • Building out our distributed architecture to scale our product and support a growing Engineering org. There are many designs and decisions still to be made!
  • An integrated data pipeline and architecture for analytics, telemetry and events, for customers and internal use (perhaps you also want to check out our Staff Data Engineer position?)
  • An external integrations platform for developers, CRMs and other automation use-cases, that will connect Qwilr into customers' workflows, their constellation of tools, and enable what they couldn't do before
  • Continuing to improve our market-leading collateral capabilities to give businesses the tools they need to sell their services and close more deals

  • Requirements

    ️About you

  • You're talented, humble and empathetic
  • You love teamwork. You enjoy collaborating with others, in and outside of Engineering, to achieve something greater than any of us can alone
  • You can also work independently, to reliably deliver your part of the puzzle! 🧩
  • You're pragmatic in your approach to engineering problems, knowing there are always trade-offs and different times for different approaches
  • You care about building and operating reliable, scalable, maintainable systems and you care about the overall customer experience
  • You're always learning, keen to hone your craft and improve your team
  • You want to work on, and have a say in, a product that can meaningfully impact people's businesses, across the world

  • As a Senior Software Engineer, you will:

  • Be involved with shaping and implementing major product features, with other Engineers, Product Managers, Designers and folks across the company
  • Work on platforms that will be our scalable, robust and extensible technology foundation. This will involve distributed architecture (data + microservices), new technologies and refining our practices for testing, deployment and ops
  • Have the opportunity to lead the delivery of projects and learn those extra soft skills needed to take your engineering career to another level
  • Teach others what you know and collaborate for the best solution
  • Learn what's important to our customers — by participating in customer calls, measurement through analytics, etc. — to help us serve them and win in our market
  • Be skilled in our tech stack (or equivalent, from your experience):
  • React, TypeScript, Node.js
  • MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Druid, Redis
  • Kafka, Elasticsearch, Honeycomb, Prometheus
  • All things K8s and AWS

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