Site Reliability Engineer - Qwilr

Job description

Check out our full job description and more insights about the team here in this Qwilr page we made:

This role is based in Sydney.

It's an exciting time at Qwilr for SRE work. 🎉

We are expanding to a micro-services architecture with new services, fortunate to not have significant legacy to overcome. We are building out our CI/CD/Observability toolchains and creating scale to match our product and team growth.

Our teams build using AWS, Docker and Kubernetes, and move freely between development, deployment and operational tasks. With so many exciting things happening in the cloud space at Qwilr, we'd love to complement this culture with true SRE expertise that can take us to the next 

We are hiring our first Site Reliability engineer at Qwilr!


  • Make an outsized impact on our startup. Your early actions will make a huge difference to both customers and the development team.
  • Work with the latest infrastructure technologies such as Kubernetes, AWS, BuildKite and more.
  • Establish an operational excellence culture. We're laying new foundations now!
  • Develop best practices and innovations such as Infrastructure as Code and automation technology that will be of interest to the global tech industry.

  • Requirements

    About You

  • You are passionate about automation. You love being a multiplier by making SRE tools faster and easier to use.
  • You love puzzles and are a nimble troubleshooter, able to diagnose and resolve complex problems quickly and safely.
  • Your emotional resilience enables you to remain calm and organised when responding to incidents.
  • You are fully present yet forward-thinking, knowing when to put out fires and when to create improvements that prevent them.
  • You collaborate well with an engineering team that cares about operational excellence.
  • You are a teacher as well as a do-er. You love to share what you know with the team around you.

    You'll hit the ground running with

  • Managing and responding to availability and load for production services.
  • Accelerating our path to a Kubernetes production and pre-production environment.
  • Experience with both software development and operations.
  • Optimising capacity to balance performance and costs.
  • Measuring and reporting on operational metrics.
  • Automation of containerised development environments.

    Here are some skills that will help you be successful in this role 
    P.S. You don't need to have mastered all of them, so even if you're 70% there, hit apply!
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes or other orchestration tools (e.g. Ansible or Puppet)
  • Scripting (e.g. Python)
  • CI/CD tools such as BuildKite
  • Feature flag management
  • Database skills (MongoDB, RDS, SQL, etc)
  • Linux (administration, bash scripting, etc)
  • Network administration
  • Security practices